July 7th, Austin


In the morning, most of the group drove to Matugga to see the kids, however a few of the group members went to the Heifer office in Kampala to see how we might be able to work together. It was a very useful meeting and we are excited about partnering with Heifer and possibly peace corps in the future. The group at Matugga took care of a few patient follow ups, and had some time to hang out with the kids.

We also had a trainer from Days for Girls come out to the home to teach the girls how to sew the kits and to teach a lesson about women’s health. The instructor Joy did a beautiful job! More details are soon to come.


The group that was running errands in Kampala also bought 150 Mosquito nets, which we will distribute in Caleb’s village. While buying mosquito nets, Chris and Miriam happened to run into Gilbert. Gilbert used to live at the Amahoro home in Mengo, before the boys were moved out to Gateway. Gilbert is a very kind and bright young man who Chris and I became very good friends with when we met him a few years ago. It was great to see Gilbert, and it seems that he is doing very well. Ugandans like to look sharp, and Gilbert was wearing his very best clothes. To me he looked a little bit like the kid president who does the inspirational videos on Youtube. We went to lunch with Gilbert at Café Javas and then went to the bookstore at Acacia and picked up some Uganda curriculum information. After our late lunch, part of the group went to the craft market and Steve, Heather, Lauren and I went to the Baha’i house of worship. Even though we got to the temple a couple minutes after their closing time, we saw a few of the staff, and they let us walk up and check out the temple. Steve and Heather headed back to the guest house, and Lauren and I went to dinner with my host family. My host dad Sam and my host mom Rita were very happy to meet my sister and we had a lovely time. My host family has taught me a lot about Uganda and about the power of community, and it has been great to stay connected with them even after my study abroad program ended.

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