Buwala -Jamie

Just like at the other children’s homes we visited, the smiles we were greeted with at the Buwala home made our hearts sing. As I exited the bus, I prepared myself for the influx of hugs, smiles, and eager hands that I knew was coming. These children and young adults were so ready to give all the love they had to anyone who would accept it. Rose and Paul were smiling broadly and beaming with pride. Immediately, I had three kids on one arm and two on the other as they giggled at our silly Muzungu clothing or shoes, or whatever is was they were mumbling in their local language.

We were seated under a canopy and each age group of children performed a piece.
Paul and Roses home is run more religiously than Matugga or the Boys Ranch, which coincides more closely with Paul, who in addition to managing the Buwala children’s home, is also a Pastor. The dances and songs they performed were beautiful, and with active encouragement from Rose, the audience was welcomed to join.

Our group appeared more comfortable when we had roles to play, and our performance of The Hokey Pokey and The Lion Sleeps Tonight helped show the kids (and the community) we are equals, and that we’re all humans.


It’s an odd, slightly unsettling feeling, to be revered upon entrance. I hadn’t given these kids anything besides a hug and my attention and already they acted like I was of a higher standing. I asked Lauren how she felt about it later, and she shared the wise words of Caleb, our most adored leader, who said it’s okay to have power; it’s okay to accept the privilege they give you as long as you use it for good.

We held our third medical clinic at the Buwala home and we saw many patients. In addition to the clinic, one of my personal favorite parts of the day was seeing the wonderful pig enclosure they had built on the property. The pen had shade for each pig, as well as a drainage system to help promote their hygiene. While I would recommend a few things to help with the pigs’ health, they had done a brilliant job with its construction. The piglets were very cute!


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