Do you miss traveling this year?

We sure do! Reminiscing can be a healthy and meaningful way to bring happiness from our past into the present.

This time of year always makes me think of the ACCT service trip. Right now I’d love to be in Kampala sitting in the shade of an acacia tree, drinking a Stoney after a medical clinic, and talking with Dr. Franklin, Caleb, and Peace about big ACCT plans. Even though that’s not happening for us this year, both you and I can still be involved with our beloved community in East Africa.

Whether you choose to reflect on your past service trip experiences or make a new memory by writing a note of encouragement to children in Uganda, you can keep the spirit of the trip alive! Dress up in your Ugandan-made clothes (like the ACCT did in this photo for a church service a few years back), go through photos from previous trip experiences, and please share your questions with us at

If you have not been on an ACCT service trip to Uganda, I invite you in particular to participate with us in this service trip from home – now with ten ways for you to be part of the ACCT’s heart warming work!

  1. Reflect on what service means to you
    • This time at home gives us more time to process the complex emotions of a service trip. Please share these memories of your past ACCT service trip (or any service trip) with us so we can learn from your experience!
  2. Revisit photos and memories of past service trips
  3. Write a letter to someone at the Amahoro Children’s Homes
    • Share your encouragement with vulnerable children at the Amahoro Children’s Home, the Youth Gateway Ranch, and the Amahoro Community School! You might even get a letter in return!
  4. Ask a question of an ACCT Leader in Uganda
    • Dr. Franklin Muwanguzi, Caleb Rukundo, and Peace Muteteri are the in country experts for Jungle Medical Missions and the Amahoro Children’s Homes. What do you want to know from them?
  5. Read a recommended book to inspire you
  6. Like the ACCT on facebook
    • If facebook is your thing, then you can enjoy staying in touch @ACCTUganda
  7. Sign up for our newsletter
  8. Dress up in your travel clothes and make an event out of it
    • Put on your Ugandan-made clothes, or just any travel clothes at all and enjoy the change of scenery from your wardrobe! Remember how light and breathable your safari shirt it?
  9. Tell a friend about us
    • Send this blog to friends and family who are interested in service trips
  10. Support the good work by making a donation or donating your airline miles
    • Make a donation to accessible medical care and education at Eventually we will be flying Dr. Franklin out to visit us, or going to Uganda again on a service trip! If you have extra airline miles you don’t plan to use then you can put them to a good cause.

Happy reminiscing!

Lauren & the ACCT Family

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