Godfrey’s Story

In this new year, we’re all looking forward to a brighter future. Though this year has been tough for many of us, life got brighter for someone named Godfrey.

At only 5 years old Godfrey was quickly going blind because of cataracts in both eyes, a condition which caused him to drop out of school. Godfrey’s family are farmers in rural Uganda and sometimes they find it difficult to make ends meet.

Earlier this year Dr. Franklin brought Godfrey in for a bi-lateral cataract surgery, which fully restored Godfrey’s sight! “Godfrey did not only receive his eyesight back,” said Dr. Franklin after the operation, “he got back his dignity and now he can dream again.”

The picture on the right is just one week after his surgery – look at Godfrey’s bright eyes and his smile!

You can help make 2021 brighter by making a life changing procedure possible for someone like Godfrey. With a donation to Amahoro you can open the eyes of a vulnerable child to a life of possibilities.

Here’s hoping that 2021 is the brightest year yet!

-Dr. Lorie & Dr. Chris

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