Period Education For Everyone

Dear friend,

Being able to manage menstruation safely, hygienically, and with dignity is critical for human rights and gender equality. Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, more than 500 million women worldwide did not have what they needed to manage their menstruation. One in ten girls in Africa still miss school due to their menstrual cycle.

I pray that our current crisis may drive innovations. In my experience as an OBGYN, I know that period products are not luxuries, they are necessary items. And I want you to know that at Amahoro we will continue advocating for involvement of men and boys in period education, too. Universal human rights must involve everyone.

At Amahoro, we aim to ensure access to menstrual products, soap, and safe water so girls and women can manage their periods wherever they are. The current pandemic highlights and exacerbates menstruation related challenges many women and girls face around the world. Economic impacts of COVID-19 force many women and girls to prioritize other basic needs over safe menstruation products.

Help Amahoro keep girls in school by providing a feminine hygiene kit to empower a girl as she becomes a young woman. A donation to Amahoro will help a girl stay in school by providing her with supplies and period education from local women’s health experts.

Wishing you a safe, hygienic, and dignified day,

Dr. Lorie Morgan
President of the Board
Amahoro Children & Community Team

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