Baby Jason’s Story

Jason was very small when his mother died in childbirth in a village near the Nile in Uganda. He was taken to a local children’s home, where the older children constantly held and cared for him. Unfortunately, it was difficult to afford formula for this newborn. In Uganda, there is no welfare program who will pick up the cost when there is a tragedy.

This is the story of baby Jason, an orphaned child who was being taken care of by children who were also orphaned or abandoned.

The Amamhoro Children & Community team met baby Jason at a medical clinic. Grammy Jean Morgan is pictured holding baby Jason in the first photo below, and the second photo shows Jason, held by Mary, after one year of good nutrition. Look how he’s grown! “I have friends that ask me what they can do to help, and I can share that loving the kids is the important part,” shares Jean. “It’s good for both parties! And in loving children like baby Jason, you can become their advocate and help give them a chance to survive.”

Look how baby Jason has grown!

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