Letter from Hanifah

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Amahoro Children’s Home. We’re glad that we’re able to communicate to you all through this letter.
Everything has been okay from this side despite the COVID 19 pandemic. We have been able to get almost everything we need, such as enough food and medical care. Despite the lockdown on your side, how has everything been for you due to the world wide pandemic?
In Uganda the president announced the lockdown on the 20th of March 2020, which led to the closure of schools, churches, mosques, and many other gatherings.
As we look forward to the religious celebration of Eid Day, the preparations are not going to be the same as previous years due to the lockdown. So we (as Amahoro Children’s home) are planning to celebrate Eid at our Children’s Home with the help of our mentors, for they have managed to provide us with food we use to celebrate Eid day. We’re very happy for that and thanks goes to our dearest mentors for the love and care given to us. May the almighty grant them abundantly. Happy Eid to you all.

Happy to have you, friends,

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