Reunification Can Give a Child the Best Chance of Success

Sharifa is a clever 10-year-old girl who dreams of becoming a doctor. Her father struggles to pay for her studies, since he has seven other children and does his best to support them by selling tomatoes. When Sharifa was very little her mother died and her father remarried. Sharifa’s stepmother mistreated her – so Sharifa ran to the streets.

Sharifa was found by a young man named Coach who runs a shelter for homeless boys and provides free meals to vulnerable children in the slums. Even in a pandemic, Coach is still providing food!

Coach is a friend of the Amahoro Children’s Home and mentors many orphaned and abandoned children and helps them get their life back on the right track. When Coach found Sharifa he took her in and gave her food.

“The excitement these kids have when they find out that someone out there is taking care of them, is inviting them to eat, and providing them a safe place to be is so powerful,” says Coach. Coach helped Sharifa find a safe home by reuniting her with her grandmother. Sometimes reunification can give a child the best chance of success, and Amahoro mentors take the time to ensure a child goes to the most supportive and loving home. Sharifa now feels safe in her own home with her grandmother and can pursue her dreams.

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