Aisha and her brother Issa were born in Kisenyi, a suburb in Kampala, Uganda. Growing up, they ate only one meal a day and did not have access to clean drinking water. Their parents were often unemployed and could not afford decent accommodations – the family lived in an old car with no doors or windows. Afraid for the health and well-being of his children, Aisha and Issa’s father asked the local authorities for help, then contacted Amahoro Children’s Home. Aisha was brought into Amahoro first and her brother Issa soon followed.

Aisha and Issa now live together at the Amahoro Children’s Home. On Kisenyi outreach days, when Amahoro team members go to the city to provide services to people in need, the team still provides food for their parents. Aisha and Issa also get to see their parents on scheduled visit days. Amahoro hopes to help the family establish a stable source of income and when that is achieved the children will be reunited with their family! Thanks to Amahoro, these children now have a safe place to sleep, food to eat, clean water to drink, and the ability to get an education.

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