Happy days of my cycle

My name is Sandra I greatly thank God for bringing me to Amahoro Children’s Home for orphaned and abandoned youth. I came to the home when I was 7 years of age and I loved the experience because everyone was so welcoming.

A recent picture of Sandra

As the years went by, I started my menstrual cycle and like any other girl I was worried about what this stage of my life would look like. After talking to one of my Aunties, I learned the beauty of menstruation. I also learned from women with the Amahoro Children & Community Team, who teamed up with Days for Girls to provide menstrual kits and lessons on how it is important our cycle is. One in ten girls in Africa miss school due to their menstrual cycle and girls in my country miss up to eight days each term. Unlike girls who lack pads and lack information on why girls menstruate, my experience has been a great one knowing that I am growing into a beautiful woman. With the support from Amahoro, we always have training on how to prepare for our special days. These training are accompanied by Days for Girls Kits are for each one of us with written instructions on how they are used. There is not a single day I have gotten worried about boys laughing at me or even anybody noticing that I am on my period.

Thank you Amahoro for making my special day’s happy days!

Young women and girls with Days for Girls menstrual health kits at the Amahoro Community School

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