Hope Restored

I am a proud mother of two daughters at the Amahoro Community School. When I heard about the opportunity to do vocational training at Amahoro, I knew my dreams had come true because I had lost hope in finding something to do in life. I never got a chance to go to school due to my parent’s financial inabilities and wanted to give me children a better opportunity.

Amahoro’s thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure. I wake up each day very early in the morning with my two beautiful daughters and we all go to school. The vocational school I attend is an empowerment to both men and women in our community and it helps all of us get out of poverty by acquiring skills to earn a living. My plan at the end of my vocational training is to get my own sewing machine and to support my children by keeping them in school because education is the greatest gift I can ever give to my children.

I thank Amahoro for helping us and supporting our children at the Amahoro Community Schools. I thank Amahoro for bringing for us school bags, scholastic materials, medical services, sanitary towels, toys, and education. We can never thank God enough for all Amahoro does for us.

We are grateful as a community!


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