How my dreams are coming true

A story from Robbinah

I used to live with my mother and siblings in Kisenyi slums and my life was hard. I lost my father at a very tender age, my extended family estranged us, and my siblings and I had to work to survive. We were selling tomatoes, fetching water, and working for other families so we could afford to eat.

I tried going to school because I really wanted to help my mother and siblings live a better life. Unfortunately, there is no free public school in Uganda and my family could not pay the necessary fees, so I stopped attending school. Even as a young adult, the Kisenyi slums was not a good place for me to stay.  Through the Kisenyi outreach program I was lucky to find a new family: the Amahoro Children’s Home.

When I reached Amahoro everyone was welcoming and caring, and they even asked what I dream career was. I told the Aunties that I wanted to be a fashion designer because my role model is Sylvia Owori, a Uganda fashion designer, businesswoman, political lobbyist, and entrepreneur. I hope to become so successful that I can help my mother, my siblings, and other people in need.

I am so grateful that I joined Amahoro Children’s Home because I am proud of who I am becoming. I am currently attending a tailoring training that is supported by Amahoro and I am on the path to becoming the fashion designer of my dreams. My mother can never thank God enough for Amahoro, for the support, love, and care they have given me. I can’t wait to be a qualified fashion Designer in Uganda. May God bless you today and always, Amahoro.

Robbinah the fashion designer

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