I am a mother of two children and a senior teacher at Amahoro Community School. It’s been a blessing to work and be part of the Amahoro Family. Teaching and meeting children from different kinds of background has really changed my life – orphans, street children, vulnerable children, and those that had lost hope in life are now finding hope in school. Another reason I have been lucky to work with Amahoro is because my two children are assured of free education and they too have acquired more knowledge through meeting different kinds of people. I am proud that my employment as a teacher has enabled me support my family as well, since my husband and I pay the bills together now instead of leaving all my family bills to my husband alone. We as teachers of Amahoro Community School have been privileged to meet teachers with Amahoro from the United States where we share ideas on how to better the education of our children every year. Amahoro provides us with most of our scholastic needs and we pray that this never ends as we educate our children and touch tomorrow today.

Senior Teacher Madinah Nabwami

Let’s educate our children!

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