The grateful grandmothers of Amahoro

Christine and Emilly are twins and they are the grandmothers at the Amahoro Children’s Home. They attend every medical clinic and year after year remain spritely octogenarians. This year, they wrote us a note of appreciation.

We appreciate Amahoro’s commitment to improving our lives, as old as we are. We initially thought the focus for Amahoro was only children, but we are grateful to be supported by Amahoro, and we get all the treatment we need from the Amahoro Children & Community Team every time they come to Uganda. Our grandchildren and all the people in the community have acquired free education, and employment is provided for many in our community: teachers, chefs, security personnel etc. The wonderful medical care we all get with Amahoro provides free medical services ranging from; dental clinics, general body check-ups, and vision tests, which we are always eager to receive each year.

We have been well taken care of by our community as old grandmothers of the village and we thank the Almighty God for bringing such kind of people in our lives to help us care for the entire community.

The simple acts of caring are Heroic-Thank you Amahoro.

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