We were refugees, and now we’re happy souls at Amahoro

I came to Uganda in 2015 with my mother and my three siblings: Joshua, Natalie, and Edward. Before then our home was the Democratic Republic of Congo, where our father was a soldier. He was a loving father! He was killed when the rebels ambushed our home, and they promised to come back and kill us too. It was a gruesome day and an experience I do not wish to narrate.

Our brave mother fled with us to a refugee camp in Uganda. Determined to make a living, educate us, and see a brighter future she headed to Kampala and rented a house in Kisenyi slums. She would do casual jobs but struggled pay rent and provide for all of us. My family was then kicked out of our house, but we did not lose hope. Amahoro runs a Kisenyi project where free food is provided to street and disadvantaged children, and my mother came to Amahoro asking to be helped. She was confident that once her children were taken care of, she could survive on her own.

Amahoro took me and my siblings and in put us all in school. I am now in my final year of the primary level and I hope to excel with flying colors and continue to high school.

While at Amahoro our lives have changed a lot and we are happy souls again.

 ACCT forever at heart!     – Jonathan Mudekereza

Jonathan with his family and a few friends in 2018

Jonathan, Joshua, and Edward in 2021

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