Bridging the Gap: Caring for our Community at Home and Abroad

by Laura Naumes

Vice President and COO of Naumes, Inc.

Board Member of Amahoro Children & Community Team 

For the past ten years,  a group of dedicated volunteers with the Amahoro Children & Community Team have worked tirelessly with Dr. Franklin Muwanguzi and Caleb Rukundo to help Ugandans battle poverty. Amahoro provides medical services and educational resources to vulnerable youth and has made tremendous strides. But our work is never done, and we continue to raise funds, take an active role in Uganda, and inspire volunteers to go to Uganda to help in the clinics and orphanages. Drs. Chris and Lorie Morgan introduced Mike and me  to the Amahoro mission a few years ago. We were in awe and inspired by all the hard work and progress made in Uganda. We were hooked and overjoyed to  have joined this amazing team.

There are many challenges around the world, and no one is immune to disaster.  September 2020, a devastating fire ravaged Southern Oregon, in particular, Phoenix and Talent Oregon. Our community members lost 2,600 homes and multiple businesses. Many of us in Southern Oregon have worked diligently to raise funds, help find housing, coordinate relief supplies, meals, and food.  Our business, along with employees, friends & family, are proud to have donated over $100,000 in an Emergency Relief Fund for those impacted by the fire across the valley. Still, our work is far from over here, and we continue to help our fellow community members stricken by the disaster. 

There is a common thread in these two situations. “Our work is never done,” whether it be at home or abroad. We’re fighting like hell for our community in Southern Oregon and fighting like hell for our community in Uganda. We have the capability of making a huge difference in human lives no matter where they live.  Please join us in both efforts to support our brothers and sisters at home and abroad. 

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