Hapi’s Story

Hapi Mutesi is a School Administrator for the Amahoro Community School, a Mentor at the Amahoro Children’s Home, a second-year law school student, and a human rights advocate by profession. This is her story.

Hapi was the sixth child born into a family of eight. She was only a baby when her family moved from their home in Rwanda to escape the genocide, and so she grew up in in the neighboring country of Uganda. When her parents resettled in Rwanda they left Hapi and her siblings in Uganda because they would have access to better education there.

It was years later when Hapi went to University that she was first introduced to Amahoro. Hapi attended the prestigious Makerere University in Uganda and while there she went to a children’s conference where Caleb Rukundo was a guest speaker. Inspired by the mission, Hapi started an internship with Amahoro Community Development Initiative, which was a great fit because of her passion for mentoring children and mentoring young women in particular.

The experience of doing internship with Amahoro gave Hapi a deep appreciation of life and a need to serve the vulnerable people. Upon graduating from Makerere University with a Bachelors’ Degree in Ethics and Human Rights, she felt it was important to use the knowledge she acquired to help Amahoro.

Hapi continues to work to promote and protect children’s rights through rescuing, mentoring, resettling, and often reuniting children with their parents. Through this work with Amahoro, Hapi became part of the children’s lives and the children are part of her now too.

Hapi is in her second year of law school, working toward her life goal is to become a human rights lawyer and advocate for all the rights of vulnerable children in Uganda. While in school Hapi still provides administrative support to Amahoro Community Schools and continues to be a mentor for a number of children at Amahoro Children’s Home for orphaned and abandoned children. Her ultimate dream? To see all of the children she has mentored at Amahoro, especially the girls, become very important persons in future.

At Amahoro, we stand by the principle that “They are all our children” and Hapi’s dedication vulnerable people exemplifies that statement.

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