Reconnecting with our Friends in Uganda – 6/19

We are thrilled to be back in Uganda and after a late arrival we have had a very full first day. We landed in Entebbe, Uganda at 1 AM and made it to our room at 2 AM. After a full day of travel we were glad to get some rest. Sunday, June 19 was a lot of fun. We stayed at the Adams hotel in Entebbe and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast Dr. Franklin and his wife Ruth took as to the church that they normally attend and it was fabulous. The service was three hours long and included dancing, singing and lots of joyous energy. Experiencing this worship service and seeing their vibrant faith filled me with hope for the future and for the people of Uganda.

In the evening we joined Caleb & Peace for the birthday party of one of Caleb’s four sons, Noah. In addition to celebrating Noah’s birthday, it was a time to catch up on the children’s homes and the primary school. If you know Caleb, you know that he loves to dream and we also spent time dreaming for the future. Caleb informed us that there is a high school under construction. This is an exciting and ambitious project which will require some additional support before it is finished. It was so good to sit with our friend Caleb and to share his hopes and dreams. It’s always one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Dinner was prepared by a friend of ours, Chef Steve. We’ve known Chef Steve for years and he impressed us so much with his culinary skill and authenticity that we ended up sponsoring him through chef school in Kenya. The dinner consisted of several courses and multiple different preparations of meat, including the best Nile perch I’ve ever tasted, as well as mushroom soup, toasted bread and several salads. It is so exciting to be back in Uganda and we are so glad to be able to share our experiences with you during the trip through this blog.


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