Dr. Franklin’s New Hospital 6/20

Today we got to see the new hospital which has been a dream of Dr. Franklins for a long time. With the help of our amazing team, we were able to raise $160,000 in 2021 for this hospital.

To start the morning, Dr. Franklin wanted us to understand the scope of his projects in Uganda and also to give us an opportunity to meet his team. Dr. Franklin’s team consists of doctors, dentists, nurses, nurse midwives and support staff. We had a presentation on Dr. Franklin’s projects which include wildlife excursions and medical missions.

Wildlife Excursions is Dr. Franklin’s Safari company. Through Wildlife Excursions, visitors to Uganda can visit the Ugandan national parks and see incredible wildlife. Dr. Franklin uses the profits from his safaris to make the medical project he does sustainable. Jungle Medical Missions is an NGO (nongovernmental organization) which does charitable medical work within Uganda for the underserved. He partners with local healthcare workers and international doctors to put on free medical clinics in underserved communities.

Dr. Franklin is probably the finest physician I’ve seen in Uganda with knowledge well beyond his years. He decided it would be helpful for his type of work to have a surgical residency. A couple years ago he did a radiology fellowship. He keeps obtaining more skills to help him accomplish more for the communities he serves.

The hospital that we have helped Dr. Franklin build is called First Community Hospital and is located west of Kampala in a rural area. It is not finished yet but is scheduled to open its eye clinic in August 2022 and the remainder of the hospital will open in Fall or Winter of this year.

First Community Hospital in Uganda

When we arrived at the hospital, many community members were there waiting for us and gave us a wonderful greeting. Dr. Franklin had organized a dedication for the new building and this including the placement of a plaque commemorating the support ACCT provided to make the construction of this hospital possible. The hospital is amazing and will be a place of healing for many people. The hospital still needs hospital beds, chairs, desks, x-ray machine, surgical suite, labor and delivery suite, and additional medical equipment. The walls, electricity and roof are done, and once we obtained the additional equipment and supplies, we can open the hospital!

It has been an amazing day to see the fruits of our labor in the form of this amazing new hospital building. I am excited for tomorrow as we will be holding our first medical clinic!


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