Medical Clinic at the First Community Hospital – 6/21

Today, June 21st, we held a medical clinic held at the First Community Hospital. We rode with the local pastor and on the way to the clinic we drove slowly through town stopping and telling people about the free medical clinic that was being held at the First Community Hospital. We also stopped at a local school to spread the word about the medical clinic.

Dr. Franklin’s team of Ugandan doctors, dentists, and optometrists were already working when we arrived. People from the community began to arrive steadily. Young and old, many dressed in their Sunday best. Similar to previous medical conditions we have been involved with, we treated a wide range of conditions.

In total we saw 400 patients during the medical clinic. The dental team extracted 64 teeth and took care of 34 dental caries. We prescribed over 100 pairs of glasses. At the medical clinics, we have a well-stocked pharmacy and we are able to treat most conditions that patients present with, however some patients require services beyond what we can provide at the clinic and we help place referrals for these patients. After the clinic Dr. Franklin had the team debrief together. The debriefing session provided a valuable reminder of the purpose of the clinic and also reminded us that every patient interaction is sacred. Caring for the health of others is a sacred task.

After the clinic, the local pastor had a celebratory dinner for us. We were treated like long lost family. And following dinner we had a chance to hear some traditional Uganda drumming which was a great way to conclude a full day. We look forward to going to the Amahoro Home in Matugga tomorrow.


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