A Day by the Nile – 6/23

Today was a chance to relax and catch our breath. With so much to do in Uganda, we have made the mistake in the past of not taking breaks. We want to accomplished as we are humanly able during out short time in Uganda. However, we have learned a little R & R is important for team building and helps us more effectively engaged in our work.

Which brings us to Haven Lodge, which is a beautiful oasis on the Nile River near Jinja, overlooking a beautiful series of rapids. It is near the put in for the white-water rafting stretch.
Besides the gorgeous grounds around Haven Lodge, there is a beautiful pool, pool table, ping pong table and bicycles to ride. Other activities available include fishing for Nile Perch, birding, and watching Red Colobus Monkeys. Outside of Haven Lodge there is horseback riding, quad riding, zip lines, bungee jumping, rafting, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.
Our group chose fishing and bird watching. Some of the birds we saw included African Fish Eagle, cormorants, Turaco, weaver birds and 3 different species of King Fisher.

After lunch we choose to watch monkeys and the Nile River from our Hammocks in the shade. The food is particularly good at Haven Lodge, from the multi course breakfasts to the dinners and lunches with many delicious options including Nile Perch.

Tomorrow morning, we will be heading to our next medical clinic in the town of Tororo near the border with Kenya. Rumor has it that we may close to 1,000 patients at this clinic. It is sure to be a busy day.


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