Mabira Forest and Travel – 6/25

We started the day in very eastern Uganda, very close to the border with Kenya and we finished the day in Entebbe. To break up the travel, we stop halfway and went Zip lining in Mabira Forest. Mabira Forest is a lush and beautiful rainforest in between Jinja and Kampala know for its rich biodiversity.

Zip lining through the Ugandan jungle was a grand time. We felt very safe and it was very exhilarating. It was a special treat to have Dr. Franklin and his son Clarence join us for zip-lining.
We were able to have dinner that evening with Dr. Franklin and Ruth and this provided an opportunity to discuss Dr. Franklin’s dreams for the future of his medical work in Uganda. Dr. Franklin’s main focus at this time is to get First Community Hospital up and running. He will also continue to manage the hospital in Tororo in Eastern Uganda.

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