Buligi and Te’Okutu by Gina Bonsi – 7/1

Morning Safari in the West Delta Area of Buligi

Thanks to our driver and our wildlife guide, we had spectacular sightings today. Elephants, lions, Cape Buffalo, giraffes, and many different birds. The most miraculous was the elusive leopard. He was lounging on a limb in a huge acacia tree. On a limb above, and a few feet away from him was a fresh Oribe (a type of antelope) kill. He looked quite satisfied and his audience was mesmerized.

Evening Safari in the East Area of Te’ Okutu

A road less traveled. Our evening safari today took us to places not often seen. On a track east in Murchison Falls National Park, we found ourselves in a vast expanse of gently rolling hills with tall grasses and palm trees. The tall Borassus Palms bear a fruit the elephants enjoy.  If they can’t reach the fruit, they will bump the tree until they fall. The elephants we saw were traveling in small groups and it was lovely to see them making sure the young ones were protected. We observed the antelope, Cape Buffalo, and warthogs dart away as we approached, unlike the animals in the west delta area where they were less cautious and have adapted to the tourist vehicles invading their area.
We took a chance and explored a very overgrown side road which led us to the Nyamsika Cliffs. It was a spectacular view and I felt as though I was the first human to see it.
A special sighting of a Ground Hornbill nesting atop a dead headed palm tree was quite a surprise, as was a rare Reed Buck!
It was a glorious day and our drive ended with a beautiful sunset.

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