Farewell to Uganda 2022 by Chris Morgan – 7/2

Today is our 14th day and last day in Uganda. Although we are sad to leave, the farewell is never sad, it is a celebration of what we have accomplished and what we will accomplish.

We saw First Community Hospital nearly completed and the new hospital in Eastern Uganda up and functioning and striving for sustainability. I am excited to see what we can accomplish at First Community Hospital in the coming year. An eye team from Southern Oregon will be traveling to Uganda in August to launch the eye clinic.

We saw the Amahoro Community School, which has grown to more than 450 students. We also saw the construction of the new Amahoro Secondary School (high school) which is set to open in January of 2023. Also under construction are new dormitories for the teachers and young women, which are anticipated to be finished in February of 2023.  We will be in close communication with Caleb to see what is needed to finish the Secondary School.

Another bright spot of our trip was the Amahoro boys soccer team. With their new shoes donated by cascade athletic, they went 5-0-1 in their district soccer tournament on June 30th to win the district!  Next, they are off to another tournament with other district winners in Kampala.

Our dinner was prepared by Chef Steve and again was some of the very best food I’ve had in Uganda. Everyone got a chance to toast each other and the projects.

We are so excited to continue our work in Uganda. After a challenging 2 years during which we were unable to travel to Uganda, it was rejuvenating to see the progress that had been made with our support while we were away. We are doing our best to make the world a better place and feel fortunate to have this opportunity to serve in Uganda!


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