Matugga and the Ranch – 6/26

Today we are off to Matugga to visit the Amahoro Home in Matugga and the Amahoro Community School. When we visited earlier in the week, school was in session. Today is Sunday so it is our chance to spend some time with the Amahoro Children. When we arrived, we were invited to attend a church service held at the Amahoro Home. To our surprise, many of the Amahoro kids had formed a dancing troupe to accompany the worship singers during the service. The music and dancing was full of joy and energy.

We brought everyone new backpacks and most kids new pairs of shoes and distributed them to the children with the help of the mentors. We also were able to outfit the soccer team for Amahoro with new soccer shoes from Cascade Athletic in Southern Oregon. They have a big match on Friday of this upcoming week and they were thrilled to have new shoes. This gesture of support seemed to give them a newfound inspiration. Maybe next year we can give them uniforms!

Lunch was Matoke (a traditional Uganda dish made with steamed plantains) and ground nut sauce (ground nuts are basically the same as peanuts). It is traditional to eat with your hands, which is harder than it sounds. They provided utensils for us foreigners if we preferred not to eat with our hands. After lunch we hopped in the bus and drove to the African Hospitality Institute (AHI).

AKI is located next to the Gateway Ranch in Nakosongola. It was founded and is run by Maggie Josiah, an American who spends most of her time in Uganda. She is a remarkable woman and we always enjoy spending time with her. AHI is a very restful peaceful place in rural Uganda.

Maggie teaches young adults vocational skills including cooking, serving, cleaning and hospitality, with the goal of helping them find jobs at hotels and lodges. Each year November a class of students graduates and find employed. Tomorrow we will be holding a medical clinic at the ranch.

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