Dr. Franklin’s visit

In December, we were honored to host Dr. Franklin Muwanguzi in Southern Oregon. Franklin is a passionate philanthropist & a medical doctor who believes in restoring health and rebuilding dreams in under served communities through harnessing his gifts and talents to help others realize and live up to their full potential. Franklin is also the Executive Director of Jungle Medical Missions, which is one of the main NGOs that the Amahoro Children & Community Team supports in Uganda. We were thrilled to have him attend dinner events and speaking arrangements in our community because he shared up to date information such as the construction of two community hospitals, including the first operating theater and the first neonatal ICU in rural areas Eastern Africa.

Dr. Franklin spoke at the Smullin Center at Asante, and additionally at a very special VIP dinner auction at the Naumes Suncrest Winery. Some highlights of the auction included raising over $60,000 in the paddle call, some very competitive bidding wars over a trip to Hawaii and a guided raft trip, and an incredible moment of comradery when a wine tasting for 12 was shared amongst the group. We are grateful for everyone who could attend!

Over the past couple of years, the Amahoro Children & Community Team raised funds for Dr. Franklin’s first community hospital, which is set to open this spring. The last step before the hospital can open is to procure the technology required for the hospital, which is what we were helping Dr. Franklin to raise funds for during his trip. We are delighted to share that by the end of 2022 we were able to raise 80% of the funds needed to equip the hospital!

Over the last eight years, Dr. Franklin & Jungle Medical Missions has reached more than 20,000 people around the country through general mobile community outreach clinics, where they provide services such as dental care, eye care, reproductive health education, and maternal and child health services. His dream is to build 100 community hospitals that are accessible and affordable and a medical school for training medical workers by the year 2050 to ensure people no longer succumb to preventable and treatable ailments.

Dr. Franklin is an incredible speaker and we were lucky to have him visit us and inspire us. Whenever I hear the story of his mother’s illness and how that motivated him to do good in the world, I feel truly hopeful. I am so proud that Amahoro can support Jungle Medical Missions in providing medical care to vulnerable people in Uganda. It all started with just a few medical clinics and thanks to our community in Southern Oregon it has grown to provide consistent care for vulnerable people.


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