What we’re working on right now


The ACCT works to support children’s homes managed by Caleb Rukundo, the Amahoro Children’s Home in Matugga and The Gateway Youth Ranch in Nakasongola.  Future programs include the Mirembe Babies’ Home. Click here to read more about the babies home and more future projects!

Additionally, we support Dr. Franklin Muwanguzi’s medical missions organization called Jungle Medical Missions. We are working to take healthcare back to the people with a new program called She is a Hero. Click here to watch Dr. Franklin and his wife tell the story of She is a Hero!

The Amahoro Children’s Home in Matugga


Built in 2009, this children’s home is located 30 minutes north of Kampala in a peaceful semi-rural area. The home has a large dormitory, a lovely dining hall in the back, an administrative office, a well, a primary school, and crops on the hill behind the home. Mostly girls live at this home, as well as some young boys. The children are between the ages of 4 and 18. The number of children at the home changes over time as some children are resettled and other children come to the home, but about 25-35 children live at this home. Mentors also live at the home and provide care and supervision for the children. The Matugga home is truly a special place, with some exceptionally sweet kids.

The Gateway Youth Ranch


The Gateway Youth Ranch is a large property located in Nakasongola district, about two hours north of the capital city of Kampala. The property has the Amahoro boys home as well as fertile fields where many crops are grown, including maize and mangoes. They also have cattle on the property.

The boys home at the Gateway Youth Ranch provides a safe nurturing home for 30-45 boys between the ages of 6 and 18. The home was built in 2015 and has a large dormitory, similar in design to the one at Matugga. A beautiful dining hall was completed in 2017. There is a well on the property and a water tank collects water from the dormitory roof. There are also solar panels on the roof of the dormitory for electricity. The ranch has a soccer field and is free of many of the problems of Kampala, including the hectic bustle and noise. There is a school 2 kilometers away that the older boys go to, while the younger boys attend and board at the Amahoro School in Matugga.

The Amahoro Community School

Amahoro Community School Nursery

The Amahoro School opened with the start of the new school year in 2018! In its first year, the Amahoro Community School at Matugga included Nursery through P6. This is equivalent to Preschool through 6th grade.

The school is for the orphans and vulnerable children who live at the Matugga home, as well as for children from the surrounding community.

Kisenyi Programs

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The Amahoro Children’s organization provides a free meal to 30-60 street children three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We also have a halfway house that is supervised by a mentor, Coach, where street children have a safe place to sleep. Coach helps determine which children are ready to go live at the Ranch or Matugga.

We also support the Diamond project. This is an Amahoro program for vulnerable women that we affectionately call Diamond Women, which have been forced to become sex workers. We provide them a safe room to stay in Kisenyi, as well as some basic necessities, and birth control. The aim is to give them safe housing in Matugga or Nakasongla where they can learn a vocational skill such as tailoring.

Medical Clinics


Medical Clinics are a key part of our service trips. Each year we have several doctors and other medical professionals that are part of our service group, and we hold free field clinics at each of the three homes that we work with: Matugga, the Gateway Youth Ranch, and in Buwala. In 2018 we began partnering with Jungle Medical Missions Uganda and we were able to hold additional clinics in the slums. All clinics are open to the surrounding communities and many community members show up. At each of the clinics, hundreds of patients can be seen daily. We also provide free HIV testing and counseling, and malaria tests. We are hoping to continue expanding and improving our medical clinics in the future.

Educational Exchange


On every trip, educators and administrators in the United States participate in an educational exchange with educators and administrators at the Amahoro Community Schools.