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Medical Missions

Every year a team of doctors, teachers, nurses, students and volunteers
from the US travel to Uganda on a medical mission’s trip.

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Our Vision

Providing educational and medical services and support
to vulnerable children and communities in east Africa

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Hope Restored

Amahoro Children &community Team
Changed our story, gave us hope and dignity
From living in an old car to a decent home and school.

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You can make a difference on a Medical Missions outreach in Uganda
If you are interested Contact us.

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Community Outreach

We have treated hundreds of patients for more than a decade
we hold free medical clinics for children and the surrounding communities.


Amahoro is a registered non-profit based in Oregon, but we serve communities in Uganda. The word 'Amahoro' means peace, much like 'shalom' in Hebrew or 'salaam' in Arabic. We believe that universally shared ideal of peace is built on a better world for all people, and this directly drives our vision: to create a world where quality education and medical care is available to all, regardless of the resources available at birth.

Amahoro was founded in order to more effectively support children's homes and medical missions in East Africa. Though this nonprofit was created in 2016, we have been working with the same communities in Uganda since 2009. Our partners Caleb Rukundo at the Amahoro Children’s Homes and Dr. Franklin Muwanguzi at Jungle Medical Missions help keep our work moving forward year around.

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Help Us Build Charity Hospital

This past year in Uganda, jungle medical missions led by Dr.franklin Muwanguzi focused on providing life changing surgeries. We are excited to continue supporting Jungle medical missions in building a charity hospital, which will make more life changing work possible.

Our Programs

We are bringing hope and healing where lives have been torn apart in the most desperate communities in Uganda. Browse through our programs to discover the difference we are making.

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Kisenyi Programs

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The Amahoro Community School

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The Gateway Youth Ranch

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The Amahoro Children’s Home in Matugga

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Medical Clinics

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Education Exchange

Stories of hope

He was a loving father! Our brave mother, amidst the grief fled us to Uganda and we were received in a camp. Determined to make a living, educate us and see a brighter future, she... Read more

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